2013 Continental Judo Crown

Level E Tournament
National Referee Examination
& Recertification Site

Saturday November 2, 2013

Seattle, Washington

About Continental Crown

For many years the Continental Crown Judo Tournament has been a showcase event for judo athletes on the west coast of the United States. The Continental Crown is a USA Judo Senior Class-E and Junior Class-D event, and consistently features some of the highest caliber judo players in the country. This year we happily invite judo players from all over the Pacific Rim and the world to participate in the spirit of international friendship and competition. The Continental Crown is located in Seattle Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Seattle is the birthplace of Judo on the mainland of the United States and it is our distinct honor to host such a prestigious judo event in our state.

Nage No Kata Competition added to 2013 Continental Crown!

Tournament Director

Bert Mackey

Tournament Committee

Mark Glaser, Julie Koyama,

Calvin Terada, Mark Graham,

Jason Harai

Technical Advisors

Jason Harai, Operations

Barbara Shimizu, IJF-A, Refereeing

Sanctioned By

Washington State Judo, Inc. Sanction #2011-05